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Engineering Services

IPMI has the capability to reverse engineer components, design new components with 3D modeling software and perform on-site CMM inspections.

Reverse Engineering

Our services utilize advanced FaroArm 3D scanning technology, ensuring a detailed measurement of a part’s surface form.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

We are capable of performing first article inspections (FAI) in accordance with procedures designated by customer specifications.

We have expertise in such software as SolidWorks (Solid Modeling), Mastercam (CAM Programming) and PolyWorks (CMM Inspection).

Probing & Laser Scanning

We can scan objects with a laser to produce 3D computer models. The modeling data is then suitable to be used by a CNC system.

Engineered Tooling

A customer needed to load a center support in the main and sub spindle on an Okuma MacTurn to support a long workpiece. A center carrier was designed and fabricated to fit in the tool magazine and allow the center to be installed and removed from both spindles via the tool changer.

Machine Modification

A customer needed a pneumatic cylinder mounted on the turret to engage an OD thread rolling die head. An offset tool holder for the die head was designed and fabricated along with a cylinder stand and machine modifications to support air lines thru the center of the machine turret without interrupting machine coolant.

Reverse Engineering

IPMI has the capability to reverse engineer via conventional measurements or via digitizer. Solid model via SolidWorks.